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The only thing you will ever have to do to create a life you love; is to just be you!


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Have you been trying to change your life, but it just doesn't seem to stick? Want to know what it takes to set yourself free of any limiting belief?

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About Me

My name is Eva and I am a Manifestation & Mindset teacher. I help ambitious dreamers like you change their limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions so that they can break free from all their blockages that are holding them back, build more confidence and self love and from a place of love instead of fear create a life full of fulfillment and freedom; a life they truly love.
You see it is my mission to help you get more confidence, so that you can express yourself fully, and to fall back in love with life AND yourself.

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Living Life Limitless Membership

Have you ever felt like you have this big dream you always wanted to follow, but you are afraid to go after it?
Do you want to get a lot of stuff done, but your fears and thoughts are stopping you from taking action?
You want to overflow with confidence and create a life you love, but your negative self-talk is taking all that confidence away?

I assure you that if you can just change your perspective, sometimes even just a little bit, you can shift and alter your life completely. You will finally be able to stop searching and start discovering all that life has to offer you. And by pealing each layer that isn't you, you will experience an inner peace by discovering who you truly are. In this program I hold space for people to truly rediscover themselves, to truly look at the parts of themselves that they don't like and that they want to change and I help them and guide them towards that place within themselves from where they can shed light on these parts and shift into a higher vibration from where they can gently and with love not only heal themselves, but create a life they love.


Limitless Living Coaching

Have you ever felt like there is more to life then what you are doing right now?
Do you have dreams you wish to accomplish, but have no idea how?
Have you always had that sense that you were put on this earth for a reason, 
but you have no idea what it is or how you could pursue it?
And most of all you feel like there is a better version of yourself that you wish 
to share with the world?

‘I don’t have enough time to go after what I really want.’
‘I don’t have enough money.’

Those are all just thoughts in your head, coming from limiting beliefs. They 
don’t have to be your reality and often they are not even yours. Most people live 
their life based on conditioning from passed experiences (or trauma’s)  and their
 conditioning from childhood. When you learn how to let go of these limiting 
thoughts and beliefs and tap into your greatest source; your true self, a life you 
have always dreamed of, will come with ease & peace. And that is what I will 
create together with you in this 1 on 1 coaching program.


Don't take my word for it

Here is what my clients have to say:

"I was pretty uncertain about what direction to take in my life. I wanted to start working for myself but I was full of self doubt. Eva gave me the courage that I needed and reminded me of who I truly am. After having worked with her I’m more confident and feel that I have what it takes to start working for myself. It was her perspective on life & her insights on the process of manifestation that made these shifts happen. Just go for it. You won't be sorry."

Niles, USA

"A large part of my life I was looking for my true self and lived unconsciously. Two years ago after a turbulent path of life, I decided to turn my life around. I am working on my personal development which includes finding out what I really want to do with my life, what makes me happy and healing traumas from the past. Working with Eva has helped me gain more insight and clarity about past experiences and traumas. The biggest breakthrough while working with Eva was that she explained to me that past experiences don't define who I am right now. Eva puts a lot of love and effort in the help she provides to the people that she works with. She is a sweetheart! What you see is what you get :) and she is very good in what she does. She is very empathetic, patient and puts you at ease easily."

Marcia Manduapessy
Commercial model en personal fashion stylist @ https://www.marciamanduapessy.com

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